The workshop on Dependable Solutions for Intelligent Electricity Distribution Grid (DSOGRI) will be colocated with the

15th European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC)

17 September 2019
Naples, Italy



Currently and in the future, electrical distribution grids are required to deliver an efficient and reliable supply of electricity to end users. The reliability is challenged by many factors, e.g., the increased penetration of renewable energy resources or equipment wear. For this purpose, Distribution System Operators (DSOs) need to implement intelligent solutions capable of guaranteeing a high level of resilience to their systems. With communication technology, ICT infrastructures, data collection and management solutions create the basis for obtaining intelligent, reliable and efficient distribution grids. Such solution offers functionalities as for example prompt identification and localization of faults and diagnosis. Despite these functionalities offer a more effective and successful management of electricity distribution, they also introduce a level of interdependence between the ICT infrastructure and the electricity grid that must be managed.

The purpose of this workshop is to investigate issues related to the ICT-based management of failures, including cyber-security aspects, the ability to quantify the quality of the data collected from the sub-systems deployed in the field, in order to make an appropriate diagnosis and detection. Moreover, the workshop provides a forum for researchers and engineers in academia and industry for discussing and analyzing current solutions and approaches, research results, experiences, and products in the field of intelligent electricity grids. Its ultimate goal is to present the advancement on the state of art in this domain and spreading their adoption in several scenarios involving main DSOs of the power domain.

The list of relevant topics includes (but is not limited to):


• Dependable ICT solutions for intelligent electricity distribution grids
• ICT assisted grid fault management (detection, localization, diagnosis)
• ICT faults and their impact on grid operation
• Quantifications of data quality and of the impact of data inaccuracies on applications
• Cascading effects of ICT or grid faults
• Security Threats and vulnerability
• Smart grid cyber security challenges
• Fault, attack and anomaly detection


Proceedings have been published: